November 1, Gratitude Tree set up, Congregants write on fall colored leaf what the are thankful for and tape to tree. This tree remains through Thanksgiving holiday
November 4, Saturday, tentative date for I -FLY indoor sky diving event. Hoping for a group of 12 or more. 
November 5, Daylight Savings Time, clocks fall back, loose an hour
November 12, Thanksgiving themed Service, Possible Dinner on the grounds
November 19, Congregational Meeting, Voting on 2018 budget and new board members. Brief Board meeting with new board, assigning new ministry portfolios for 2018.



December 2, A Christmas Dinner/Dance in Perry Hall (just as we had last year) with a silent auction/raffle auction. 
December 14-21 University of GA Students Sleeping at COL
December 24, Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday we will only have 1 service at 11 AM. This will be our Christmas Service. 
December 31, Burning Bowl Sunday 11 AM


October 1, Celebration Sunday, One year in our new location. First Anniversary of Emerson Theological Institute at City of Light, let's celebrate 4 years with UNITY as well, and 2 years with Affiliated New Thought Network and 45 years with MCC.
October 1, Board Meeting
October 5-7 University of TN students Sleeping at COL
October 14 and 15 In Park Donations. We need as many as possible to volunteer 2 hours or more for collecting donations at Piedmont park entrances. We work in teams of 2, you simply hold a bucket and invite people to simple. This is a VERY easy fund-raiser and our chance to raise $3,000.00. Please let me know what hours you can serve on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

2017 Calendar of Events at City of Light


Of Events