"Invisible Supply" 

Starting July 25 - Thursdays 10am

Discover the infinite supply with you. You will be amazed at what you discover!

"Conversations with God." 

Tuesdays 7pm

The book was written as a dialogue in which Walsh asks questions and God answers. Its an intriguing look at the presence of God that is ever communicating with us. You will find the discussion and insights shared to be life changing. Don't miss this incredible journey to greater awareness of that which we call Divine

The Power is Within You

Wednesdays, 7pm

With Rev Dr John Karn

Emerson Theological Institute is offering a new class for July, "The Power Is Within You" based on the book by Louise Hay. You will be learning:

 - to listen and trust the inner voice

 - letting your true feelings out

 - releasing your fears about growing older

 - allowing ourselves to receive prosperity

 - accepting changes as a natural part of life

   ...and much more

​It will be a dynamic 8 week journey

  • Rev. Dr. Paul Graetz, D.Div. D. R. S.
  • Rev. Dr. John Karn
  • Dr. Rhandi Carter, Registrar
  • ​​Stephanie Knight, Seasoned Instructor and Bible Teacher
  • ​​As well as Guest Speakers

Emerson Theological Institute @ City of Light.

From time to time City of Light offers a variety of one time workshops with guest speakers that focus on a key issues that take us to a new level of understanding. Watch for those events in our Upcoming Events section.


Special Workshop

Current Class Offerings