As a member of this congregation we ask you to uphold

the following commitments:

Need More Information?

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please contact Dr. Allan Williams, our Membership Team Leader at phone:770-878-0627, email

Volunteer your time and talents to the works of the church. We ask that you provide your time and talents to support the work of the church. Our Volunteer Ministry will assist you in finding a volunteer placement at City of Light.

Pledge your financial support to the work of the church.

Attend services. Being in community with our congregation and God is an important part of your spiritual life. We ask that members attend services and functions on a regular basis.

Process of Becoming a member

  1. ​Register and complete a two hour membership class
  2. Complete the Membership Registration and Stewardship Form
  3. Complete the required volunteer forms sharing your area of interest for volunteer service. Once these forms have been received by the Volunteer Ministry, a member of the Volunteer Interviewing Team will be in touch wit you
  4. Be part of our Membership Presentation to the Congregation. It's a time where we can introduce you to others and the congregation officially welcomes you.

When are Membership Classes Held?

The classes are traditionally on Sundays at 1 p.m. following the service. A light lunch is served to all class participants. The upbeat and informative class will be 2 1/2 hours long. Membership classes are held six times a year. The date and time are announced in the Sunday Bulletin several weeks prior to the class. A sign up sheet will be available at the Welcome Center in Perry Hall.

We offer Dual Membership @ City of Light

​You do not have to give up your membership at another congregation or with another denomination to be a part of City of Light. We have several members who for personal and family reasons hold membership with other congregations.

Membership Class

Membership class provides a time to meet and get to know the Pastor of the church, learn about what makes City of Light so unique and vibrant and discover how you can experience the joy of belonging. This is a great time to make new friendships and strengthen your connection with this exciting ministry.

It can be a very fulfilling experience becoming a member of a church family. The support a person can give and receive can be a tremendous comfort during times of celebration, as well as in times of challenge. The commitment of the total person can lead to a commitment and a deeper understanding of a powerful relationship with God.

The ultimate goal of becoming a member of the family of God at City of Light is to bring glory to God through the committed service that transform ourselves.It is a powerful place and opportunity to be a "light in the World" and find greater meaning and purpose for this life.

Discover the Joy of Belonging

​Membership At

City of Light