He currently teaches 2 new thought classes a week in the Emerson Theological Institute at City of Light along with his work of being the Senior Minister of a growing staff at City of Light. He has led his congregation through the purchase of 36,000 square ft. 1.8-million-dollar property paying cash all the way. Enabling City of Light to create one of the largest ministry centers providing a home for spiritual practitioners, counselors, life coaches, two other congregations and New Thought teachers to collaborate together.

He offers a daily spiritual tip and affirmation to over 5,000 readers from around the world with his signature closing of “sending you love.” His fervent desire is for all to experience an  the power of inclusive love.

​​​​Here in Atlanta, he is passionate about compassion for those in need and speaks out for radical inclusion that reaches out to the margins. He leads weekly programs for feeding the hungry and or homeless with hot meals, provides for the distribution of food and clothing and partners with area shelters and aid services.

Rev. Dr. Graetz, has two wonderful adult children, Jordan and Jillian, along with 7 energetic grandchildren.

One of Rev. Paul’s favorite scripture passages is:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”-Philippians 4:13

“Coaching you to achieve your highest and best” is the passion of new thought teacher and spiritual coach, Rev. Dr. Paul Graetz.  He currently serves as the Senior Minister of City of Light Atlanta where for 22 years he has been the spiritual leader, coach and Dean of the Emerson Theological Institute at City of Light.

In 2013 he graduated with a Doctor of Divinity from Emerson Theological Institute, Oakhurst, CA and a second Doctor of Religious Studies in 2014. Dr. Graetz has a heartfelt desire to awaken the world to their highest and best. His ministry has taken him from Holland to India, from Africa to Australia, and around the world with a loving message of transformation.

About our Senior Pastor 

Rev. Dr. Paul Graetz, D. Div. D.R. S.