Buildings and Grounds Team - Members facilitate and manage property enhancements and repairs to support the  vision and mission of the church.   Gabrielle Claiborne,
 Congregational Care Team - Members do hospital visits and provide support when congregants are ill or experiencing  other times of need.  
Leslie Swearington,
 GIT Morphed - Members participate in the ministry and outreach of City of Light’s Transgender class and support  group.  Gabrielle Claiborne,

 Membership Team - Team members facilitate the New Members Class and keep membership data current.  Allan Williams,

 Office Angels Team - Members staff the church office one afternoon each week.  
Sarah Elliotto,

 PRIDE (Black & Atlanta) - Members coordinate our involvement in these two events, which includes collecting in park  donations, staffing a booth and parade participation.  Nanu Rivera, 404-550-8987.

 Women’s Softball  – Women play softball on Friday nights, spring and fall, in the Decatur Women’s Sports League.  Connie Crandall, and Danielle Reagan, 770-634-5825

 Children’s and Youth Ministry Team – Members provide Sunday School classes and special fun events for our children  and youth.  Andrea Bagby, 770-771-8761 and Tanya Wilson, 678-361-4067

 Greeters Team – Team members greet people at the door and staff the Welcome Center table. Anna Martinez,

 Hospitality Team – Members coordinate coffee and snacks for Sunday mornings, and food for Dinner on the Grounds  and other special occasions. Anissa Fowler,
 Institute for Spiritual Growth – Members coordinate, teach and/or participate in spiritual education experiences for  adults on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.  Stephanie Knight, 678-200-4807

 Ministry in Motion – Dancers practice and perform liturgical dances to enhance the worship experience. Jamie Mathis, 336-757-0867​

 Multimedia Team – Members create the light, sight, sound, and internet experience for our onsite and cyber  congregation for Sunday services and special events.  Ron Watts, 770-870-9733​

 VIP Team (Voices and Instruments of Praise) -- Singers, signers, band and orchestra members lead the congregation in  praise.  Chris Corso, 678-886-8863​

 Usher Team –  Members take the offerings, distribute Visitors Packets and direct people forward to receive Communion  during worship services. Training will be provided. Helen Bielski, 404-437-0270​

 Worship Participants Team - Members serve as Communion helpers (set up, acolytes or servers), scripture readers, or  prayer partners. Training provided.  
Biff Ryan,

The ministries of City of Light provide opportunities for you to grow in your faith by using the interests and abilities God has given you to make a difference in the world. To find out how you can get involved in one of these teams contact the team leaders listed below.

Contact Rev. Linda Herzer, Minister of Connections 


Ministries at

​City Of Light

Sunday Morning Ministries

Compassion Ministries

 Clothing Closet Team – Members sort clothes received, publicize needed clothing items, and oversee the distribution of  clothes at the Wednesday Night Dinner.  Norma Masters, 404-284-0691

 Food Bank Team – Members stock and organize our pantry with food picked up from the Atlanta Food Bank and  donations received, and/or give out food here at the church on Fridays from 11:00-1:00. Members are also needed to  pick up our orders from the Atlanta Food Bank on Wednesday mornings at deliver them to the church. The Food Bank is  located southwest of GA Tech, at 732 Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318.  Norma Masters, 404-284-0691

 Panera Bread Team – After the Panera in Loehmann’s Plaza closes each Wednesday at 10:00 p.m., members pick up  bread and pastries and bring them to the church for distribution at the Friday Food Bank and on Sunday mornings.  Michael Haskins, 678-471-2590

 Wednesday Night Dinner Team  - Members work in the kitchen cooking, or in the fellowship hall setting up, serving and  cleaning up after the Wednesday Dinner for the Hungry and Homeless. Stephanie Knight,678-200-4807

Congregational Life