Crossroads Community Center Provides:

A non-religious space for meetings, events, community programs and educational opportunities for a donation. Check out the City Of Light Event Space and Building Reservation page for you community event. All donations to the continuing work of this non-religious center.

  Definition: crossroads (ˈkrɒsˌrəʊdz)
  n (functioning as singular) 
  (Human Geography) an area or intersection

  formed by two or more roads cross each

  other A community situated at the intersection

  of two or more roads

Crossroads Community Center
3125 Presidential Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30340

Non-religious Services and programs for our community


Food Distribution

Hot meals for the Hungry

Current Community Center Partners are:

In The LIfe Atlanta

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra

Hotlanta Squares

Ikebana Floral Club

DoubleTree Hotel @ North Druid Hills Road

To learn more contact Sarah Elliotto at 470-545- 2821 for more information or email her at

Our ​Community


Welcome to a 'Crossroads of Culture, Community and Cause', a location, an intersection of society; a place where society comes together. This is the Crossroads Community Center located at City Of Light.

Crossroads Community Center is a separate non-religious 501c3 entity working in the City Of Light Metropolitan Community Church of Atlanta. We provide an intersection or the cross roads where various aspects of life can intersect or move through on their journey.