Discover Your Speakers Voice

This is an amazing class with Rev Dr Joyce Rennolds, "Motivator of one or a thousand." YOU WILL!  Learn to breath correctly, learn to outline your speech, learn the value of speaking from a lofty place where you pull from Spirit. You will discover the secrets to valuable body language and learn the secret to receiving a standing ovation. Learn the three parts of a presentation or speech and most of all learn a dynamic "close." Rev Dr Joyce will teach you how to get started as a Professional Speaker and How to Price yourself out! The following prices are Special for 2018! Cost $60 for new people and $30 for those students who have taken the class and want to review it. This class is for the Presenter, Speaker, Minister, Trainer, Salesperson, or person who wants to perfect their skills! For more info: or phone 770-804-0689

Miracle Sunday Affirmation Jars

Have you received your MiracleSunday Affirmation Jar? These glass jars are filled with daily affirmations of the goodness of God. Each one calls us to our highest and best and affirms what is already present in our lives. We invite you to take and read a daily affirmation over the next 45 days leading to Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018.
As you embrace it's truth your life will fill with gratitude and you will move to a higher level in your spiritual journey. Out of gratitude, we invite you then to put something back in the jar. How about $2.00 a day or $5.00 or more? Then at the end of this 45 day journey bring your jar to City of Light on Easter Sunday and together let's create a great financial miracle to meet the needs of this exciting ministry.
Pick up your jar this Sunday at City of Light.

Emerson Theological Institute @ City of Light

Classes are beginning for the new 8 week period with an enrollment of 54 attending classes. We are excited about the number of people growing in understanding and faith. Why not join them in one of the upcoming classes?